Say Cheese! Top Reasons Your Event Needs A Photo Booth

by satkerson / Thursday, 08 October 2015 / Published in Photo Booth

Guests who attend a wedding reception have every intention of having fun, as these events are normally a great place to let your hair down and have a blast. A great way to keep your reception active and fun is to offer a Photo Booth for your guests to enjoy.

Here are some basic reasons why you should offering a photo booth at your wedding reception.

Photo Booths give guests the opportunity to loosen up and have fun!

Your guests may need a break from the “Cha Cha Slide” and catching bridal bouquets and they will be looking for something different to entertain them. Photo Booths offer everyone the opportunity to join in the fun. No matter how prim and proper some of your guests may be, once they put on a fun pair of glasses, put on a fun hat, then hang a colorful boa around their neck, it becomes virtually impossible to remain serious and not cut loose and have an absolute blast.

Photo Booth prints make for terrific wedding favors!

More and more wedding receptions are moving away from the traditional wedding favors seen at weddings in the past. Give your guests the opportunity to not only to have fun having their picture taken, but also have a souvenir to take with them at the end of the celebration. Some events give guests an actual print of the Photo Booth session, while others have the photos available digitally online for guests to download. Either way, this is a great keepsake for your guests to take home with them.

Photo Booths are a great time filler!

While the wedding party is busy taking pictures after the ceremony, your guests at the reception site will be anxiously awaiting your arrival to get the party started. A Photo Booth gives your family and friends something fun to do before the official start of the reception and this is an excellent activity to prevent pre-reception boredom. It will also help you and your groom relax and not feel as if you need to rush through pictures just to hurry up and get back to your guests.

You can personalize a Photo Booth for your wedding celebration!

You can customize the prints that your guests will receive to include the name of the bride and groom, the date of your wedding, and any other important piece of information you would like to share with your guests, such as a brief thank you statement.

Your wedding Photo Booth album can double as a Guest Book!

While your guests keep one photo, an additional print goes into your Album and the guests are given the opportunity to leave a written and personal message for the two of you. Just imagine your Guest Book including a written statement from your guests as well as an image of them really enjoying themselves at your event.

The Photographer is for you. The Photo Booth is for your Guests!

Nothing replaces a professional photographer with experience and an eye for capturing those special moments that could last only seconds. The wedding Photo Booth has become a mainstay at wedding receptions and something guests really look forward to. With props and silly masks and hats, everyone can just have fun and not worry if they look perfect. When done right, a Photo Booth at your wedding reception gives your guests something exciting and fun to do and also something to take home to remember.

Great Ice Breakers!

Your wedding may be the first time that many of your family members and friends will be meeting. To break the ice, standing around and watching the funny pictures that come out of the wedding reception Photo Booth that appear on the screen, can be a great reason to start talking and getting to know one another. Your guests can start learning each others’ names and can start seeing true personalities – not stiff, awkward, I-just-met-you expressions – come through.

Social Media Options!

Social Media is huge and most of your guests are currently using Social Media on a regular basis. Images taken in the Photo Booth can be sent via a text message to your guests mobile phones, allowing them to post the images to a variety of Social Media websites, or the images can be sent directly to FaceBook from the Photo Booth. This option offers a great way to share some of the special memories of your wedding celebration with the world.


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